Engage with your clients like never before.

Imagine, being able to personalise every piece of your marketing material so that it includes your clients name. Imagine, if every page of your next campaign brochure could be personally addressed to your  client, connecting with them on a personal level like never before.

Now imagine you could achieve all this with only a few clicks.

Flare Print Personalise enables Flare Print customers to now fully personalise their printed media campaigns, directly targeting your clients by name. You only need to enter a clients name once; our software does the rest, strategically placing your clients name throughout your material where you designate, all completely automatically.

With Flare Print Personalise you don’t have to pay a designer to make 100 versions of your document with different names, and there are no individual setup fees for each variation. Our software will even resize and modify full paragraphs of text and page layouts to ensure your clients name appears naturally within the layout.

Personalise Any Printed Media Easily

Flare Print Personalise works by using your current raw client data to generate personalised, targeted marketing material.

For example, when Flare Print Personalise is used in conjunctuion with a master marketing template such as a Property Showcase Magazine, you are able to address each magazine to a different customer.

With Flare Print Personalise you can designate fields within each template called 'Variable Data Fields'. These fields will be automaticly pre-filled with any data that you have a database for. i.e. Your greeting text in the magazine could say 'Hello {customer name}' with each individual printed magazine naming a different client in this section.

You can also use Flare Print Personalise to utilise details like a customers address and place it directly in advertising material. This is especially useful within real estate advertising markets when promoting the value of a clients property in a personalised way to make the client feel like they have been assesed directly and not generalised with a one-size-fits-all campaign.

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