How do I Export a .pdf file with 'bleed' in InDesign?

2018-05-01 09:20

Create a PDF that includes bleeds

In order to export a PDF file with bleed, your document must already have beed applied. If you would like to learn how to setup document bleed in InDesign, have a look at How do I setup Bleed in my InDesign Document?

When it’s time to hand off your document for printing, save it as a PDF file to capture bleed and slug details.

Choose File > Export and select the Adobe PDF (Print) format. Select the Adobe PDF preset recommended by your print provider.

In the General tab, select View PDF after Exporting. In Marks and Bleeds, select Crop Marks and Use Document Bleed Settings. Select Include Slug Area if you added any notes in the slug area. Click Export.


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